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Have I Got a Girl For You – Company (with Matt McClendon)

A bunch of guys try to convince Bobby to tell them about his sexual conquests. But maybe there's more to this song than that? Matt McClendon joins Kyle to discuss the Kamasutra and Sazerac Slings.

You Could Drive a Person Crazy – Company (with Christine Chen)

No bulls needed to be coerced in the recording of this podcast. Christine Chen returns to unpack the word "crazy" and discuss if changing the original lyrics of this song was a good idea.

Sorry-Grateful – Company (with Lauren Shippen)

How can you feel sorry and grateful at the same time? I'm sure the Germans have a word for it. Lauren Shippen joins Kyle to discuss this odd feeling along with relationships and vulnerabilities.

The 10 Best Sondheim Songs Pre-1970

The definitive list of the best songs Stephen Sondheim wrote before 1970. Or, at least, the definitive list until I change my mind.

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