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Lovely – Sondheim Redux (with Zina Lee)

It's time to put on a toga again. Zina Lee returns to break down the two times Lovely shows up in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. They also try to figure out if there's a way to modernize the show.

Rose's Turn – Sondheim Redux (with Eric Matthew Richardson)

Although credited with only writing the lyrics, could Sondheim have had a larger influence on this song? Eric Matthew Richardson returns to discuss why Rose's Turn is great and how it's been interpreted over the years.

Me and My Town – Sondheim Redux (with Matt Steele)

Matt Steele returns to kickoff our miniseries on songs we've talked about before. Let's call it Sondheim Redux! In this episode Matt insists Cora should have been a showgirl instead of a politician and Kyle just wants to talk about Square One.

I Never Do Anything Twice – The Seven Per Cent Solution (with William C. White)

Hidden within an obscure 70s film is a song written by Stephen Sondheim. It's sung by a Madame and it's delightfully dirty. Will White returns to talk about the movie, whether the song works, and its lasting legacy.

Three Pacific Overtures recordings (with Colm Molloy)

Every recording of a musical is slightly different. Colm Molloy returns to discuss how each album of Pacific Overtures brings something new and which song is the best from each production.

Cut Songs from Pacific Overtures

Kyle discusses all three cut songs from Pacific Overtures.

Next – Pacific Overtures (with Erik Stadnik)

A song about always looking forward, no matter what your past is. Erik Stadnik returns to provide some insight into the final song of Pacific Overtures.

Pretty Lady – Pacific Overtures (with Ashley Pribyl)

Ashley Pribyl returns to show this song in particular is the bridge between A Little Night Music and Sweeney Todd. But she also talks with Kyle about such light topics as imperialism and institutional racism.

A Bowler Hat – Pacific Overtures (with Sam Simahk)

A perfect musical theatre experience. A Bowler Hat is a song that not only explains the theme of Pacific Overtures but also is one of the best stage songs of all time. Sam Simahk joins Kyle to discuss the history of Japan, how this song works, and try to figure out who Spinoza was.

Please Hello – Pacific Overtures (with Donatella Galella)

Japan is opening up. But what do the other nations have to say about that? Donatella Galella comes on to discuss history, Asian representation, and all the different musical styles of "Please Hello".

Someone in a Tree – Pacific Overtures (with Thom Sesma)

Sondheim says this is his favourite song that he's written. Thom Sesma has actually performed this song on-stage. He joins Kyle to deconstruct the song. Plus they both try to figure out their place in history.

Welcome to Kanagawa – Pacific Overtures (with Matt Koplik)

Yo ho! Matt Koplik joins Kyle to discuss fan art, double entendres, and why Sondheim doesn't think this song is funny.

Poems – Pacific Overtures (with Christine Chen)

A couple of friends walk together and make up fake haikus to pass the time. Christine Chen returns to give insight into the song and the legacy of Pacific Overtures.

The Music of Pacific Overtures (with William C. White)

Will White returns to discuss the orchestrations of Pacific Overtures. He answers questions about why there's such a distinctive sound and how Sondheim and Jonathan Tunick created what they did.

Alvin Ing – An Interview

The song Chrysanthemum Tea was written specifically for Alvin Ing to perform in Pacific Overtures. He joins Kyle to discuss his time with the show (twice!) and how theatre has changed over the years.

Chrysanthemum Tea – Pacific Overtures (with Zina Lee)

Is the Shogun's mother trying to help her son, or is she seeking vengeance? Zina Lee returns to discuss the performance, lyrics, and history of Chrysanthemum Tea.

Four Black Dragons – Pacific Overtures (with Danielle Breitstein)

Are they dragons or are they volcanoes? Danielle Breitstein joins Kyle to discuss the story of this song and how it's melody stays important through the rest of the show.

There Is No Other Way – Pacific Overtures (with Chris Dockum)

A tragic song about what can be said out loud and what needs to be kept to yourself. Chris Dockum joins Kyle to discuss why it's two unknown characters who sing this song and the impact of Pacific Overtures in general.

The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea – Pacific Overtures (with Rob Urbinati)

The opening song to Pacific Overtures. Is it meant to be an explanation of the idyllic world Japan was in, or is it a warning about he dangers of isolationism? Luckily, Kyle doesn't have to figure that out alone as he has Rob Urbinati, a person who has seen the original Pacific Overtures dozens of times.

Pacific Overtures trailer

Trailer for the upcoming Pacific Overtures season of Putting It Together.

The Frogs: Act 2 (with Justin Havard)

Listen. It's just frogs. Justin Havard joins Kyle to discuss the history of this show, reports on a friend of his who was at the original Yale production, and the song Shaw in particular.

The Frogs: Act 1 (with Jonathan Chisolm)

In this case it is a couple of hippy-dippy homosexuals talking about some hoity-toity intellectuals. Jonathan Chisolm returns to discuss the history of this show, the plot of Act 1 in general, and the song Ariadne in particular.

The 10 Best Sondheim Songs – 1970 to 1975

Who doesn't like a list (song)? In this special episode Kyle goes through his 10 favourite Sondheim songs which were released from 1970 until the end of 1975.

Kurt Peterson – An Interview

Kurt Peterson was in the original production of Follies. But he also was in the second West Side Story revival and starred as Bobby in the first Canadian production of Company. In this episode you'll hear about his time on-stage and why he transitioned to being a creative producer.

This World / Sheep Song – Candide (with Brendan Clifford)

We finish talking about Candide this week. First is a song with reworked lyrics from Sondheim, and second is a song written for a sheep. Brendan Clifford joins to give his thoughts. He's actually worked on a production of Candide!

Life is Happiness Indeed / Auto-Da-Fé – Candide (with Philémon Heutte)

Sondheim returned to a collaboration with Leonard Bernstein. Candide is a Frankenstein's monster of a production. Luckily Philémon Heutte is up to the task of making sense of Sondheim's contributions.

Stavisky (with William C. White)

Stavisky is a movie, directed by Alain Resnais, that's also scored by Stephen Sondheim. William White returns to dive into what makes a great film score and to answer why Sondheim didn't write more for the movies.

The Stephen Sondheim Encyclopedia (with Rick Pender)

Rick Pender literally wrote the book on Stephen Sondheim. The Stephen Sondheim Encyclopedia is being released tomorrow and Rick dropped by to talk about how the book came together and his years of writing about–and talking with–Stephen Sondheim.

Ramona Mallory – An Interview

Ramona Mallory played Anne in the Broadway revival of A Little Night Music. In this episode she talks about why she became an actress, how special A Little Night Music is for her, and why she decided to leave Broadway afterwards.

A Little Night Music movie (1977) with David Youn

The film version of A Little Night Music came out in 1977. David Youn returns to discuss what it did well and why it's not remembered very fondly.

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