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Overture and Night Waltz / Love Takes Time – A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music opens up in quite the unique way. A set of four people sing the melody of a couple of songs in the score. It's an experiment that was hardly ever tried again. Plus, how does the film version introduce the characters?

Smiles of a Summer Night (with David Youn)

We start our season looking at the inspiration that led to A Little Night Music. Smiles of a Summer Night is sometimes considered Ingmar Bergman's first masterpiece. It certainly was the first film to bring him recognition. David Youn joins Kyle to discuss the movie in more detail.

Season 8 Trailer – A Little Night Music

Now, I can't tell you how excited I am for the new season. Later next week you'll get to hear it. It'll be here soon enough. A new season of Putting It Together debuts next Wednesday (November 25) all about the musical A Little Night Music! A season where we'll learn how to celebrate a weekend in the country, be each other's liaisons, and when to send in the clowns.

The Last of Sheila (with Erik Stadnik)

The Last of Sheila is a cult classic film co-written by Stephen Sondheim. Erik Stadnik returns to discuss the inspiration, the execution, and the reception to this oddity of a movie.

Which Follies album is the best?

There has been over a dozen major productions of Follies. Some have released an album version of the show. Kyle takes the time to listen to all the albums he could find to discover the best Follies recording, and which songs on each album are standouts.

Follies – Songs That Didn't Make the Cut

Follies is full of songs. But that doesn't mean that certain tunes didn't get cut during the creative process. On this episode Kyle details the 10 songs that weren't included in Follies and why they didn't ever see time on-stage.

Live, Laugh, Love – Follies (with William C. White)

It's not exactly the play where everything goes wrong, but it feels like it! Ben tries to put on a smiling face, dance, and be charming but the show is crumbling around him. William White returns to the podcast to close out the Follies season.

Make the Most of Your Music – Follies (with Colm Molloy)

The 1987 London version of Follies decided to change how the show ended. Out was the original ending of Live, Laugh, Love and instead was this song. Colm Molloy joins Kyle to figure out which ending might be better and why it's probably not this one.

Ah, But Underneath – Follies (with Celina Reynes)

Depending on the actress that is cast as Phyllis she might be asked to perform The Story of Lucy and Jessie or this song. This is a burlesque strip tease. Phyllis is asking the audience what they expect to find underneath. Celina Reynes joins Kyle to discuss what it is that's revealed and what remains hidden.

The Story of Lucy and Jessie – Follies (with Victoria Gordon)

It's time for Phyllis to shine! Should she be more like Jessie or Lucy? You see it's not that easy. Victoria Gordon returns to educate Kyle about what this song is actually about and how Phyllis is the unsung hero of the show.

Losing My Mind – Follies (with Ashley Pribyl)

This song is deceptively simple. There is a richness to it both musically and thematically in the show. Ashley Pribyl returns to offer insight and tells the story about which character this song was originally written for.

Buddy's Blues (aka The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues) – Follies (with David Heineman)

We have entered the pscyho Follies. Buddy is up first to sing about what is driving him mad. David Heineman returns to explore Buddy's psyche, talking fast, and who performed it best.

You're Gonna Love Tomorrow / Love Will See Us Through – Follies (with Matthew Sampson)

This is the only time the younger versions of the four main characters get to sing a song. Is the jaunty melody actually a sign that their relationships started positively but became corrupted? Or are they trading fake niceties to hide the negativity brewing in their lives?

Loveland – Follies (with Steve Johnson)

Is Loveland a collective mental breakdown, or is there something deeper going on? Steve Johnson joins Kyle to discuss MGM musicals and the idea that this is just the crossing of the threshold to the fantastic.

Could I Leave You – Follies (with Darby Turnbull)

Phyllis deserves more love! Both in the show and from general audiences. In this song she delivers withering barbs to her husband Ben. But could she also be hiding behind a mask of anger her vulnerability? Darby Turnbull returns to discuss this and more!

One More Kiss – Follies (with Marco DeNinis)

One More Kiss was cut from the original Broadway cast album. That's a shame because it just might be the most thematically rich song of the entire show. Marco DeNinis joins Kyle to explore operetta, ghosts, and beautiful things dying.

The Right Girl – Follies (with Isaac Bernier-Doyle)

Buddy is mad. He dreams of being with the right girl. But who is that right girl? Isaac Bernier-Doyle returns to discuss Margie, delusions, and dad's dancing.

David Möschler – An Interview

David Möschler is a conductor and musical director. He's also the founder of Awesöme Orchestra Collective. In this "intermission" from Follies David and Kyle dive into what makes Sondheim magical and which songs from Follies are the best.

Too Many Mornings – Follies (with Mackenzie Horner, co-host of Before the Downbeat)

I'm so content spending time with you! Mackenzie Horner (of the Before the Downbeat podcast) joins Kyle to discuss people lying while singing. But also the interesting way that the lyrics interact with the music in the song Too Many Mornings.

I'm Still Here – Follies (with Alex Stuive)

Whether it's good times or bum times it's still fun to sit around and talk about this song that can often steal the show. I'm Still Here is a song that's been covered by dozens of artists, but how does it work in the show Follies? Alex Stuive joins Kyle to explain the references and how the music in addition to the lyrics makes this one of Sondheim's best.

Who's That Woman? – Follies (with Karen Unland)

Is this a throwaway song or does it offer some subtext to the dissolving relationships within the show? Karen Unland returns to discuss weary women and tap numbers.

In Buddy's Eyes – Follies (with Christine Chen)

It's Sally's turn to lie about herself. Christine Chen returns to discuss where Sally's headspace is currently at in the show and whether she was ever happy with Buddy.

Country House – Follies (with Adrianna Boris)

Country House is a song that was written specifically for the 1987 London version of Follies. Does it add to the show? Or is it simply an interesting curiosity? Adrianna Boris returns to help Kyle decide.

The Road You Didn't Take – Follies (with Anna Hulkower & Tim Kov; hosts of My Little Tonys)

Ben must confront the decisions he's made, but is he being truthful? Anna Hulkower and Tim Kov (hosts of My Little Tonys) return to the show to unpack the subtext of this song and delight in the Sondheim wordplay.

Rain on the Roof / Ah, Paris! / Broadway Baby – Follies (with Jonathan Chisolm)

Couples kissing, French women reminiscing, and Broadway dames schlepping. Jonathan Chisolm returns to discuss a triplet of songs that showcase Sondheim's mastery of pastiche.

Waiting For the Girls Upstairs – Follies (with Hugh Summers)

Waiting For the Girls Upstairs is a song packed with plot. Kyle invites on Hugh Summers, a theatre producer in England, to explore both the upstairs and downstairs of this song.

Don't Look At Me – Follies (with Bruno Apresentação)

Sally sees her old lover, Ben, and becomes a nervous wreck. Kyle invites on Bruno Apresentação to discuss Sally's first song and how Sondheim is adapted in other countries.

Prologue / Beautiful Girls – Follies (with William C. White)

Here they come, those beautiful fools. William C. White returns to the show to discuss Sondheim's influence in writing slow waltzes, the original song that was supposed to open Follies, and try to figure out who Lorelai was.

Season 7 Trailer – Follies

Don't worry! You're not losing your mind. I'm still here. A new season of Putting It Together debuts next Wednesday (May 20) all about the musical Follies! A season where we'll learn how to live, laugh, and love. Because that's Broadway, baby.

Being Alive – Company (with Eric Matthew Richardson)

This is what its all been leading to. Being Alive is the culmination of the entire show. Eric Matthew Richardson returns to discuss being held too tight and why Kyle is sitting in his chair.

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