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Trunk Songs and Cut Songs (Baby June and Her Newsboys, Dainty June and Her Farmboys, Broadway, Nice She Ain't, Smile Girls) – Gypsy

An episode where it's just Kyle! We explore many of the different "trunk songs" and a couple of the cut songs from Gypsy. This is an evolution from the Great American Songbook, which Jule Styne would have been greatly familiar with. Plus, you'll learn how Jule and Kyle share a special connection.

Small World – Gypsy (with Nathaniel Claridad)

Nathaniel Claridad brings his experience as an actor, a director, and a (reluctant) producer to discuss Small World. This is a song in stark contrast to Mama Rose's first song, Some People. Instead of the brash chutzpah that has already been shown, this song is soft and intimate. Each actress to portray Rose has had a slightly different approach to singing it and the discussion turns to whether it works better to be sung sweetly or sensually.

Some People – Gypsy (with Karen Unland)

Some People is a song sung by a desperate woman. Or, perhaps, it could be looked at as an ode to the entrepreneur. At any rate Karen Unland returns to the show to discuss how Rose's first song of the show informs her character and how–depending on the performer–it can change the interpretation we have of them.

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